Public Relations Update

Our ‘Uncover Adventure’ and ‘Destination…Summer!’ marketing campaigns gained maximum exposure through our dedicated press releases. We keep open channels of communication with our local and national media houses and provide KZN South Coast-focused responses to media queries for even further positive exposure.

Press releases issued from 18 August to 14 November 2023:

  1. 9 Reasons KZN South Coast is Worth Celebrating this Tourism Month – 21 August 2023
  2. International film stars head to the KZN South Coast for the 11th Ugu International Film Festival – 29 August 2023
  3. Boost for tourism and job creation with the launch of Cappello on the KZN South Coast – 30 August 2023
  4. Uncover diverse outdoor adventures on the KZN South Coast this spring! – 01 September 2023
  5. KZN South Coast is set to host two big events for sports and music enthusiasts! – 22 September 2023
  6. KZN South Coast retains the title of ‘highest number of Blue Flag Beaches in KZN’! – 23 October 2023
  7. Uncover this authentic township experience on the KZN South Coast – 24 October 2023
  8. SCTIE celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Southern Explorer route map – 09 November 2023
  9. Don’t miss out on all the festive season action on the KZN South Coast! – 14 November 2023

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