Digital Media Update


We have continued to update our website almost daily with relevant content, marketing the KZN South Coast offerings through our Blog, Specials and Press Releases. The Events page features a variety of new events, from family-focused adventures to offerings for couples, groups or solo travellers. Updated links have been Search Engine Optimised, and updates progressively shared, with our updated, relevant website content shared via digital and social media platforms for travellers and operators. We have also performed large-scale software and plug-in updates and backups to ensure the websites had 100% uptime, with full use of functionality and user-friendly experiences. There is still an upward trend of website visitors, locally and globally, consistent with the interest in our new content and operator listings, which is favourable to our marketing of accommodation, eateries and other tourist attractions.

Social Media

We have placed a significant focus on multimedia content for our social media pages, resulting in a positive upward trend in new followers and audience engagement. We are pleased to note several positive online comments, with visitors showing appreciation for the information shared which encourages frequent visits to the KZN South Coast. Videos on specials, specific offerings, events and more have garnered wide interest, and we are boosting select posts to enhance the outcomes.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We continued to implement SEO and have seen a significant upward trend in the website performance, with a steady increase in traffic and engagement resulting in improved visibility and an increase in organic search rankings. We have also included a variety of new topics without SEO articles to cover more categories, informing travellers of things to see and do, places to discover, and more.

Our SEO strategy involved conducting research to identify high-value, relevant keywords for the website’s content. We optimised the website’s on-page elements, including meta tags, headings, and content for the identified keywords. This feature also assists operators who appear on our website and have a digital footprint through our digital assets. Overall, we have been successful in improving the website’s performance and driving traffic and engagement.

Explore the KZN South Coast app

The app and destination website have one Content Management System (CMS) from our previous build which allows us to cost-effectively update information across the app on a daily and weekly basis. We also completed the long-term solutions for the app with changes to map functionality in the navigation bar, improving its usability and responsiveness. The GPS pins which were static became interactive or clickable, while the ‘show info’ and image of the location enhanced the user experience. The updated version is now available on Google Play and Apple App stores.

These changes are essential to marketing our operator listings that appear on this easy-to-use platform, which has interactive contact details and other information relevant to travellers on the go. The aim was to improve user engagement by making the app user-friendly and intuitive, increasing user retention, positive user feedback, higher conversion rates, and creating a competitive advantage for the KZN South Coast and its operators.


We updated our internal, POPI Act-compliant tourism and investment database, growing it to include a variety of sectors and community heads who will benefit from a tourism and investment perspective. In this quarter, our communication focus has been digital links and resources to our #buylocal campaign, communication about digital assets, VIC portal updates, requests for specials for the #extendyourstay campaign, filming opportunities for member content in promotional videos, and requests for social media promotional material and blogs.

We also sent occupancy research questionnaire links with our investment research data collection information next on the agenda. Updating the database with relevant information is important for bringing local communities into the tourism and investment sectors. We are focusing on providing information in real-time where possible to attract visitors and investors, support local businesses, and improve the overall economic and social well-being of the community.

Seasonal Campaign Tourism Research

This quarter, we undertook the Easter Weekend Occupancy Rate Survey to better understand tourism trends during this holiday season. The results measure the occupancy rates which are analysed over time to give tourism stakeholders insights into trends in visitor behaviour, such as seasonality, length of stay, and accommodation preferences. We use this data for tourism businesses, destination marketing organisations, and policymakers to understand tourism trends and make informed decisions about marketing and development strategies. The research will be available under ‘Media’, with its drop-down menu to ‘Research’, together with our previous research.

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