Within traditional areas, Mixed Use Activity comprising retail, residential, government service and light industry has been identified for the Murchison area. The belief is that Murchison has the potential to develop into a high activity iconic node as it possesses the same features as Montrose, along the N3. Accessibility to the N2, close proximity to the NPC / Simuma plant, the Murchison hospital, and the increasing demand for residential stock for the rapidly expanding civil service, are all comparative advantages that need to be harnessed to full potential. Constructive engagements have commenced with the Traditional Leadership together with the Murchison Business Forum (including the taxi sector).
In Amandawe, funding amounting to R650k has been secured for the development of a precinct plan that will guide development within the area and service providers have been appointed. The aim is to create a high activity node linking the bold private sector led initiatives along the Dududu / Scottburgh interchange with the adjacent Amandawe area as part of spatial integration aimed at bridging the urban-rural divide.
Within the coastal belt, invitations from investors have gone out development partners at no cost to USCDA for the development of a new beach in Turton as well as the revitalization of the Scottburgh beachfront. In RNM the appointment of a developer for Lot 635 Umtentweni (John Mason Park) is approaching finality. Altogether, these projects when in full implementation will generate revenue into Ugu area in the region of half a billion Rands.
As the financial year draws to a close the Agency is moving into top gear in tackling the challenges head-on. Investment Attraction is not as easy as a construction project with a set budget all what remains is project management. That notwithstanding USCDA is equal to the task.
May 1, 2018

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